You are NOT a duplicate

Image, a representation of the external form of a person or thing in art. Images are all around, on television, print advertisements, Facebook and good ole Instagram. Perceptions are formed with everything you place your eyes on. Forming opinions of how you can be like this or how you can get that or maybe dream about having a thing. You obsess over images, people, trends and you want to emulate them. You wear the same clothes and jewelry, buy the same shoes and bags, style your hair, grow, die and cut your hair, watch make-up tutorials, grow a beard, eat and model your nutrition after...someone else. You copy. You copy everyone and everything reaching for your own identity. 

The quest to emulate should really be an adventure to find YOU. A search for what is already inside. The real you, the one that is really a leader, a trendsetter, a change maker, a gem, a unique individual...a masterpiece. The investment of your time and money should be on your internal self. Get to know you, learn about your quirks, your strengths and weaknesses, your purpose in life, your dreams and aspirations and your greatness. Figure out what works for you. You are not a duplicate. If you are too busy looking and trying to be like everyone else you'll never know how beautiful you really are...INNER BEAUTY.

Quote: "Inner beauty, too, needs occasionally to be told it is beautiful." - Robert Brault

Tip: Get in the habit of complimenting others on their inner beauty instead of their outward appearance. Let them know how much you appreciate their kindness and love, what they add to your life.

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