I AM Woman. God's Sacred Masterpiece...


Much can be said about woman. Giver of life, nurturer, beauty, alluring in her mind, soul and physicality. The companion, the rock, the confidant, the reasoning, the motivation. She is feminine. She is mesmerizing. The envy of the enemy. The Creator's most beautiful masterpiece...WOMAN.

The best, he saved for last. His most precious gem. And the evil one is mad about it. There is a constant attack on women. A plot to destroy a woman's beauty, it's a trick of the enemy. You break her down, it's the downfall of humankind of mother earth...the giver of life. SEX trafficking, abuse in every form, destruction at its core. You see the woman is the most sacred living thing on this planet. 

To disrespect or violate her in any form is disrespect to the one who created you, the one that gives you breath and life. To gawk, or misuse words to get her attention, to call her out of her name, touch her inappropriately, to use her body only for pleasure, to not protect her or strengthen her. To pay her less and consider her less than is disrespectful and destructive.

She is the giver of life, nurturer, beauty, alluring in her mind, soul and physicality. She is the Super to your natural, the Extra to your ordinary. She is sacred. She is hypnotizing. You need her. Honor her presence and purpose. She is The Creator's most beautiful masterpiece...WOMAN.

Quote: "Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women." Maya Angelou

Tip: It's simple respect women. To respect women is to honor God.

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